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Read It! Even If You Don't Feel It.

Posted on February 24, 2011 at 12:45 PM Comments comments (5)
Recently I read a very interesting post on one of my favourite sites - - entitled 'Read Stuff You Don't Understand'. Mark Shead, the author, delivered an opening statement that easily presented the essence of the idea piece, "If you want to grow, you must push yourself beyond where you are at."
There are so many people who view reading as such an arduous chore, leaving such leisures to the likes of nerds or typically others who don't have much of a life, the furthest thing from the truth.
What we also find interesting, however, amongst those who do read is the fact we tend to stick to or gravitate more towards material that we are comfortable with. We are consistent in our selection of books, magazines, tabloids and even the websites we visit regularly and the pages we bookmark.
A common trait amongst persons who tend to excel is the ease with which they are able to pick up new, informative material and pore over the content, even if it makes them feel out-of touch. I like to compare it to sticking your hand in a jar of honey and then trying to remove it without some of the honey clinging to it - good luck! Mark put it a pretty great way,"Many people would consider this a waste–because you don’t understand it. However, your mind is a marvelous thing and if you try to understand the contents, it will fill in the gaps. You may need to know A to understand B, but if you read B first it will still somehow remain in your unconscious and when you happen on A things become just a bit more clear."
The benefits are amazing. You are not only smarter just by knowing more but you also begin to think and act differently as your life perspective changes. It's also a major booster to your conversation and interactive skills, as well as your overall image and how you are perceived which all contribute to your success.
So the next time you go purchasing your magazines or newspapers go ahead and grab some new material and commit to reading a few pages, at least. It will surely be worth the time.