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Continuing the Journey. New Frontiers

Posted on February 10, 2011 at 6:40 PM Comments comments (20)
Hey there!
My name is Arthnel.
First blog, first post, early jitters and all, but I'm just as excited about sharing so much information based on how I view LIFE and LIVING. I'm going to share views that so many may like and so many may not like, but that is the essence of life. That is the reason we are all different. I guess it just makes the World a much more interesting place to live in.
I've somehow always been curious why people do things the way they do them. I have always questioned destiny, especially from the perspective where I find it very ironic that it exists so comfortably with OUR ABILITY TO CHOOSE. One of my core beliefs is that we all actually have a much greater role to play in the overall Grand Design, but so few of us are exposed early to the kind of Thinking, Feeling and Acting in alignment with who we truly are and who we truly can become.
In this blog, let me be the first to say it only sounds easy. We all know about ups and downs, fortunate and unfortunate, good and bad. I don't think it was meant to be easy, or it simply would not have much value. I also think that when we come to realize how much power and control we each possess in determining the mark we make, then that's when the fun kicks in. That is when it becomes a joy to get out of bed because we control our next 24 hours, each day having an amazing impact on days, months and years ahead. Deliberately, we will shape our own story and it cannot be stopped.
So this represents another level in my journey. A level of reaching out to like-minded people in a forum where we can share ideas on how to become much better people than we already are. I hope my posts will be inspiring and will serve a much greater purpose to so many other persons who may already be feeling that tug from the inside that says "you are somehow different, you can really achieve more, you do have so much control over the experiences and the shaping of your Life's Journey."
I look forward to many great moments with the new people I will meet, and all my dear friends who have always been so supportive.
Here we go...